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Questions tagged [user-accounts]

Refers to user accounts either generically, or across the network.

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Regarding the passing away of Bruce E. Trumbo

Today, it has been noted (by Nick Cox in Ten Fold) that recently Dr. Bruce E. Trumbo, professor emeritus of statistics, biostatistics, and mathematics, author of two books, and most prominently one of ...
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What (if anything) should we do about user profiles for users who have passed away?

I recently learned from another user that one of our high-ranking users, Michael R. Chernick, passed away earlier this year (see obituary here). His profile page remains as he left it when he was ...
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What does it mean that a user is unregistered?

In this user profile after their name is the tag "Unregistered". What does it mean, and what is different in comparison with a common (registered) user?
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User changed display name to match a diamond moderator, high-rep user in the community

I just saw this and, since I'm not accusing anyone, I'm curious if deliberately changing username to match the username of a diamond moderator is within the rules of Stack Exchange.
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Managing different accounts in Cross Validated

I have an account in Stack Overflow and as well in Cross Validated with different user id. Is it possible to link the two accounts from different user ID? If yes , then how to link both the accounts ...
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All reputation is gone

I am sorry to post here but Cross Validated did a merge on my account and I lost all reputation points on my stats forum and I cannot post to meta without any reputation points. I don't know what this ...
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Merge users with same e-mail?

I recently signed up here and had expected that a previous question I posted without signing up (although giving my e-mail adress) would be merged such that it would be attributed to my account. This ...
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Identical username for two distinct active accounts allowed by the system?

I found two active users with identical user names, but distinct accounts. I was over at math.SE and saw an interesting meta-quesiton. I read it through and I thought I recognized the username of the ...
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8 votes
2 answers

How to contact another user?

Someone posted a helpful answer to one of my questions. Now I want to contact that person. How can I do this? Can I send a direct email?
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Does SE have a policy on people with multiple accounts?

This appears to be an issue in this question. Note that the questioner has rep=1, but a person answering the question (inappropriately, it's a really comment responding to another comment) has the ...
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Account merging

The accounts, and should probably be merged because they have been created from the same person, who ...
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Reclaiming my orphan question

I asked this question about a year ago, but it seems to somehow not have been associated with my account. Could someone please help me reclaim it as mine? That is, could you please merge no-longer-...
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1 answer

How can I display my stats account at my personal webpage?

I would like to place my stats-stackexchange account on my personal website, like is done on the about page here: But I can't figure out how.
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I have been posting on this forum using a name without registrating. How can I register now?

Hi, I have been posting on this forum using a name without registrating. How can I register now? The forum recognised my IP and I could accumulate points. But since yesterday I am not anymore logged, ...
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