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The user profile page, which contains a list of all the questions, answers, and an audit trail of the user's activity on the site.

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What (if anything) should we do about user profiles for users who have passed away?

I recently learned from another user that one of our high-ranking users, Michael R. Chernick, passed away earlier this year (see obituary here). His profile page remains as he left it when he was ...
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How exactly are three user's tags selected for the "Users" page?

If I go to the "Users" page and search for myself, clicking on the "all" reputation tag, I find myself displayed with the following three tags in the following order: [pca], [dimensionality-reduction]...
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When will Cross Validated get new 2015 Stack Exchange user pages? (Update: they are now available) [duplicate]

Update (6th May: 2015): We now have the updated user pages. Old Question: I really like the new user pages that are being rolled out over the stack exchange network. I was curious whether there was ...
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Links to review history on the election page are broken

On the election page there is a link "review history" under each nomination. It's supposed to display the list of nominee's reviews, but it does not. The reason is a recent tweak of user profile pages:...
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Double-underlining on linked questions on profile page

If I hover over the upper edge of a question on a profile page, then first one line appears under the hyperlink, and as I move the mouse down, towards the centre of the question, then as the mouse ...
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