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Should mentioning "potential" ethical issues with data analysis/display be part of an answer?

On another StackExchange site (, I've run into resistance because of my ...
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Data on things like tag views and upvote fractions

Is it possible to see (or generate / retrieve) data on things like which tags are the most widely viewed ones on CV, or what fraction of answers receive an upvote (or the distribution of upvotes on ...
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25 votes
0 answers

Tag Map for CrossValidated

I've just made a map of tags for CrossValidated. In short: tag size is related to tag popularity and edges are related to tag co-occurrences in questions (or more precisely: the observed/expected ...
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what exactly was needing clarification on this closed and deleted question? it's just asking for an outline (aka overview) since there isnt one on ...
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11 votes
2 answers

Examples for weekly featured data visualization

Given no objections to my previous suggestion for "data visualization of the week" for the blog, we might as well start collecting some examples. So to start, I simply ask that posters include an ...
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6 votes
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Weekly featured data visualization for the blog?

The photo stack exchange site has a weekly submission (by community members) for a photo of the week. I believe we could do a similar process, where community members submit a data visualization image ...
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Clustering picture gallery

This is a proposed community wiki to collect pictures of unsupervised clustering of data sets, e.g. k-means and ANN, approximate nearest neighbors. Both pictures of clusters themselves, and diagrams ...
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