I have given good answers that I said I would like to wrap up, or revisit, or continue.

Here is an example: XGBoost Compared to Other Ensemble Methods Example

How do I find all my answers where I had a "I want to go this way eventually"? Is there a way to search for "to-do" in my answers?


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See FAQ: Best Practices for Searching CV but here, if you said "I want to go this way eventually" (or something like) in the post itself, not in a comment, you could try site search with

user:me eventually

or user:me to-do and variants. But if you might have said so in comments, site search do not see in comments, so then use google (or some other external engine) with

site:https://stats.stackexchange.com  EngrStudent  to-do

and experiment/modify if necessary.


If you used the same phrase each time that you wrote about your intention to revisit an answer later, you could do a search like

user:me I want to go this way eventually

or similar; the code user:me restricts search hits to only posts you've written, and then you can include whatever search terms you like as normal.


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