Michael Grogan

Machine Learning Consultant and Educator | TensorFlow and Time Series Specialist

I am a machine learning consultant and educator with a passion for statistics, programming, and data science. I have a particular interest in the use of time series analysis to generate business intelligence solutions. Some favoured techniques in this regard include ARIMA, LSTM, and the open-source Prophet library by Facebook.

My "go-to" machine learning platform is TensorFlow, having previously delivered the TensorFlow 2.0 Essentials: What's New seminar for O'Reilly Media.

My educational background is a Master's degree in Economics from University College Cork, Ireland.

Feel free to get in contact at contact@michaeljgrogan.com if you feel my expertise or research background can be of assistance in any way.

Research Interests

I have recently been undertaking interesting research in using machine learning and time series modelling techniques to predict hotel cancellations.

Feel free to review some of my findings - always open to any collaboration or feedback.

1. Support Vector Machines and ARIMA: Classification and Time Series Analysis

2. Hotel Booking Classification with a Keras Neural Network

3. Predicting Weekly Hotel Cancellations with an LSTM Network

4. Using Prophet To Forecast Weekly Hotel Cancellations