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User changed display name to match a diamond moderator, high-rep user in the community Identity Theft and Privacy. Users that misleadingly appropriate the identity of another person are not permitted. Users may not post other people'...
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How can I find questions where I and another user interacted?

From my own answer on WorldBuilding.SE to the question Is there a way to see my interactions with another user?: There are no easy ways, but you can use the StackExchange Data Explorer (SEDE) to find ...
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What is the protocol or etiquette for pinging users in Ten Fold?

You may be worrying more than you need. I think it's within the rules of the site to ping absolutely anyone -- but not everyone would see the ping. However what's within the rules is not always the ...
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Handling users who act inappropriately after warnings and after being directed to posting guidelines

I'm curious about how CV handles abusive/rude users who continue to act inappropriately on the boards despite being directed to the CV posting guidelines and warned about their inappropriate postings? ...
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When does a newbie become an expert?

I'm interpreting your question to mean "statistical newbie" rather than "Stack Exchange newbie" or "Cross Validated newbie". (If you're asking about the latter two, you advance pretty quickly. Just ...
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How can I find questions where I and another user interacted?

I will add a SEDE query Have we met? - you can replaced the userids, I've put there two users as examples. This query was mentioned, for example, here: How deep can the dive into user's interaction ...
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