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Yes! This is a grand idea.


In case you missed it, the link to the help is back (next to other buttons on top-right menu).


Note: the link to help can now be found under the SE 'hamburger' with chat. In some ways, I think the new top bar is better than the old one. Not having a convenient link to the help or tour pages, etc., was a mistake, though, in my opinion. You can still find links to those in the bottom left corner of every page under "CROSS VALIDATED".


Users with low reputation should still see a help link in the top bar, but users with (I think) more than some particular amount of reputation will see other tools in the same position. The help pages are still there. Indeed there's a link to them at the bottom of each page, in the leftmost list of links


Meh..... I don't really care either way.

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