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Soliciting feedback vs asking a question

In general specific questions are better than very broad open-ended questions (even when they're not too broad to stay open). "Add to my understanding" is not usually a good question. In particular ...
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How can requests for references be "too broad"?

A reference request could be too broad. For example, some reference requests would run into the "too many possible answers" criterion for being overly broad. As such, askers of such requests should ...
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10 votes

Is this an opinion question?

I think it is debatable whether this Q is "primarily opinion-based" (our closing reason) or not, but it seems to me that it is clearly "too broad". It asks about classical statistics vs machine ...
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On the "too broad" reason for closing

This is StackExchange. However you might feel about it, it's a little different than an ask-anything-you-want site. Our help is clear: Focus on questions about an actual problem you have faced. ...
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Creation of "Topics" Instead of Questions, for Linking with Course Notes

The question is pretty much answered in the comments (and complemented in the brief exchange in chat), but I'll compile all that here just to make sure the question isn't left unanswered. Basically, ...
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On the "too broad" reason for closing

Like Peter I sometimes wish we had less generalized closure reasons because the description that comes with "too broad" seems very catch-all. However, that can sometimes be useful when dealing with ...
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Is this an opinion question?

Yes, this is too opinion based for CV. A blog post would be more reasonable.
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I asked 2 questions in 1 post, now I have 2 answers, each one answers another question, which one to accept?

Waiting for someone else step in and provide a complete answer there, when such answers already exist, but in different posts seems unlikely, besides a little bit counterproductive. Alternatively, ...
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Suggestions on modeling or forecast techniques - too many possible solutions

One option is to provide a list of potential approaches and a corresponding set of general resources in meta - much as we do for questions about software (one package with links per answer); in this ...
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Request to reopen too broad question about standard/best practice for dealing with discovered ancillary patterns not hypothesized

[Trying to rectify my frequent mistake of posting comments instead of answers] I think it's both an interesting topic of discussion and completely unsuitable for CV, unfortunately. How one ought to ...
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