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Can I reopen/extend the bounty on a question?

Unfortunately, the answer is no. You must assign the bounty during the bounty + grace period; otherwise it vanishes. If you don't award a bounty and there is an answer with the highest score (minimum ...
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Possible timestamp error of posted question?

As stated by whuber the OP in Systematic Component of Variation probably mis-remembered the date of posting, as he admit in one comment under the same question: Maybe I was wrong. It is ok to ask ...
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4 votes

How to see when a bounty was started?

Bounties last one week, so you can get a decent approximation by counting back from when it says it will expire. If you need a more precise time, click the edit history link (at bottom center), and ...
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How to see when a bounty was started?

A lot of exact timestamps on Stack Exchange can be revealed by mouseover:
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