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11 votes

Italics in question titles: $math$ or *asterisks*?

Briefly summarizing the discussion in the comments above. Using LaTeX markup to write in italic in titles is a dirty hack that should really be avoided: It does not look good because of the wrong ...
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7 votes

Extract software-specific default close reason

Certainly it'd be good to split this close reason into two. How about "particular software" rather than "such questions"? This question appears to be off-topic because it asks for code review, or ...
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7 votes

Counting accepted answers towards tag badges

This kind of change is widely unpopular - not because people don't think a change should be made, but because this is a very "meh" kind of change. Yes, the current system is somewhat unfair to those ...
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5 votes

Extract software-specific default close reason

I can definitely see that y'all would benefit from this close reason. It seems that you've shoehorned two close reasons into one and it's your second most-used close reason currently, accounting for ...
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1 vote

Weighted vote mechanism

While it is an interesting suggestion (with which I have some misgivings), I think this is a solution in search of a problem that isn't there. One thing that is worth bearing in mind here is that ...
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