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Why does the “programming” closure message not mention Stack Overflow?

This is a good & reasonable question to ask because the observed behavior is counter-intuitive, and it gives occasion to lay out some of the subtle practices around closure and migration which, by ...
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13 votes

Why do we close programming questions instead of migrating them to SO?

@whuber is right. When I judge that questions would be viable on SO, I'm happy to migrate. But most of the programming-ish questions I see don't seem good enough. In particular, they tend to lack ...
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11 votes

When should programming questions be closed as off-topic, and when migrated to SO?

This is a (lightly edited) composition of the comments left above by @Scortchi, @whuber, @Glen_b, and Roland (I am marking this answer as CW). I believe they fully answer this question. There is no ...
8 votes

Should I ask questions about interpreting printouts from a statistical package here or on SO?

I think that interpreting the results of statistical analyses is unambiguously a statistical question. It's true that such results are basically always the output of some function from some ...
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