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Why does the “programming” closure message not mention Stack Overflow?

This is a good & reasonable question to ask because the observed behavior is counter-intuitive, and it gives occasion to lay out some of the subtle practices around closure and migration which, by ...
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Why do we close programming questions instead of migrating them to SO?

@whuber is right. When I judge that questions would be viable on SO, I'm happy to migrate. But most of the programming-ish questions I see don't seem good enough. In particular, they tend to lack ...
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GINI score - what does the distribution of reputation across CV look like?

Well thanks for nerdsniping me. My prior query in the comments is limited due to the idiosyncratic conventions of the data explorer to return only 50,000 rows. In that query I got around this problem ...
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When should programming questions be closed as off-topic, and when migrated to SO?

This is a (lightly edited) composition of the comments left above by @Scortchi, @whuber, @Glen_b, and Roland (I am marking this answer as CW). I believe they fully answer this question. There is no ...
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Should I ask questions about interpreting printouts from a statistical package here or on SO?

I think that interpreting the results of statistical analyses is unambiguously a statistical question. It's true that such results are basically always the output of some function from some ...
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Migrating programming questions to StackOverflow

So that this question ends up with an answer: Am I correct that my question falls into the category of "OR it focuses on programming, debugging, or performing routine operations within a ...
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Can any of the people involved in the migration of this question explain why?

Note: I was one of the close voters. You are right that those questions are in the title. However, I interpreted 'how to fit this model in R?' as the real question. (According to my reading, the ...
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