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Could we change the title of this sub-stack, as well as the image which seems to hype a five-fold cross-validation strategy?

I take the name to mean that we do not just check one source (many members can answer), much as cross validation, as opposed to just checking on one out-of-sample set, checks many out-of-sample sets. ...
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9 votes

Is there a way to compile an ordered list of questions/answers that would form a tutorial for learning Statistics from scratch?

Profitable for whom? The question is germane as Stack Exchange is a business, although most of us pay nothing and get no income either. If you mean useful for students, then surely, but that is just ...
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8 votes

Our HNQ tend to be closed: what can we do about that?

I think the fact that poor questions often end up on the Hot Network Questions list may be taken as a given. Indeed, I've had more than a few fairly ordinary answers become popular because they were ...
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