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Can I ask a question again, but with a different point of view?

It doesn't really sound like you are [would be] asking a duplicate question. I think a useful way to define a duplicate question isn't a question that uses some of the same terms, backstory, etc., ...
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12 votes

Deleting self-study questions after asking?

A poster can delete their question if there isn't an upvoted answer. You are entitled to feel irritated, even annoyed, if you answered the question, or regarded the question as good but made extensive ...
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9 votes

Can (should) I delete a question that gained no attention to re-create it with a simpler formulation?

One clear principle has consistently helped me moderate such situations: If your intended changes affect only your work, feel free to make them. Indeed, we encourage you to do so. But if they ...
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4 votes

Why can I only delete 5 of my questions per day?

The purpose of this website is to create a durable repository of questions and answers, and destruction of useful content works against that purpose. You agreed to this when you created your account; ...
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Deleting self-study questions after asking?

OP here. I had no idea this discussion existed until I just now randomly clicked on it in the "Featured on Meta" window on the side of the website, so I'm late to the party. The previous ...
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Deleting self-study questions after asking?

If it is a problem, how do/should we dissuade or prevent this deletion? One doesn't have to dissuade or prevent such (indeed unfortunate but often due to SE issues, not CV issues) deletions: one can ...
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