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Yes: It can be reached through the 'Review Queues' icon on the top bar (which looks like a horizontal bar chart with a tick in the bottom-right corner).


I have manually retagged 2 Qs with statistics tag and 1 additional Q with probability into on-topic. The remaining 8 threads with statistics are all about site statistics, so it can now be renamed into site-statistics via moderator tools. I suggest you can do it now! The wiki excerpt says Questions about sizes and other quantities of Cross Validated ...


I think it's a great idea, and we could make [statistics] a synonym. If there's some confusion about which site is referenced, you could use [main-sites-statistics] instead.


Some time has passed and it was possible to observe how the above cited tags evolved. After a more carefully reading I came up with this proposal: The CV tag questions (x8, +2) seems to label threads similarly to the main Stack Exchange site. Here it is their tag excerpt: For questions regarding the nature of a "question" on StackExchange sites; e.g. ...

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