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Links to copyright material

SE has a mechanism in place to ensure it meets its legal obligations with respect to copyright. Users† aren't expected or required to determine whether other users are infringing someone else's ...
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What should the "MathJax help" link (in the LaTeX section of the "Editing Help" page) point to?

Personally, I'm all for having the link as $\TeX$ is heavily used on our site and while most of the users seem to be familiar with it, it's not all, and sometimes the knowledge is partial, for example ...
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Is there a way to permalink a section of a Wikipedia page?

Here are some possible links: https://en....
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Links to copyright material

Universities spend billions each year to pay to access research papers (and that's mostly taxpayers' money). Paywalls slow down research. US Federal student loan debt is $1.5 trillion, and textbooks ...
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Links to copyright material

Darn copyright on research and educational publications! Darn it to heck! To the extent that we are not threatened by legal sanctions by specific links, CV's policy should prefer links that undermine ...
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System is systematically changing URLs in many of my posts

Web archive These links seem to have been in place at least since October 2020, at least one and a half year ago. We can see this in the following archived webpage which contains the link ...
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Markdown link not being rendered as a hyperlink?

The problem was due to an invisible character in the end of the link URL. Here is the revision history of this answer: Scroll down to the ...
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A question is not displayed in the Linked list, even though it is linked

As you probably noticed, the question was asked a long time ago, when the code handling the links had a bug. Editing didn't help much because we only do a full rebuild of the links when a link has ...
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Magic links for tag wikis

One possible alternative for quickly setting up stock comments for common issues is discussed in the comments under the accepted answer here: How best to use the review queue? (where you can see ...
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Is there a way to find out how many times I have posted a link to a question

This is quite a hassle. It's a shame SE doesn't have better tools for that—they'd be more useful than some things that time has been spent on... Obviously, you can go through your comments and search ...
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Links to copyright material

The site should not be a party to illegally hosting copyrighted content. You should not allow such an edit. When you see a post that does contain pirated content, you should edit it out (or flag it ...
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