I believe I originally formulated this clause. The intended meaning of "algorithm" could more clearly be rendered as "implementation of an algorithm." It was not meant to suggest that (statistically-related) algorithms are off-topic here. Subject to further discussion, I would propose inserting the phrase "the implementation of" in the text.


If a poster won't act on your comment alone, they likely won't act on anything else (less than closure). It does sometimes help to be specific when asking, to mention the word edit specifically; some posters hang around for an hour or so and may fix their question if you catch them early. If they do clarify in comments, you can always edit to include the ...


In case you missed it, the link to the help is back (next to other buttons on top-right menu).


Note: the link to help can now be found under the SE 'hamburger' with chat. In some ways, I think the new top bar is better than the old one. Not having a convenient link to the help or tour pages, etc., was a mistake, though, in my opinion. You can still find links to those in the bottom left corner of every page under "CROSS VALIDATED".


I think Open Data SE should be linked to from the “On topic” help center page for the following three reasons: Public betas are very unlikely to close. Quote from a moderator: " it's been a long time since Stack Exchange shut down a site that made it to public beta (private betas are different; several of those have failed.". Even if Open Data SE closed, we ...


Users with low reputation should still see a help link in the top bar, but users with (I think) more than some particular amount of reputation will see other tools in the same position. The help pages are still there. Indeed there's a link to them at the bottom of each page, in the leftmost list of links


A possible alternative would be "if it's about writing or implementing code,". This distinguishes it from statistical algorithms altogether by using language specific to programming.


For guys arriving here now, the hyperlinks on the Cross Validated (CV) tour page were fixed (as stated by cardinal). Where is the FAQ? CV's Tour. For quick comprehension about how the Stack Exchange sites work. CV's Help Center. This is the FAQ. What is Meta? This will help understanding what the meta site is for and how it works. Posts on CV meta tagged ...


GIS is a graduated site. Economics & Open Data are still in beta. ISTM that it doesn't make a lot of sense to start changing help pages to point to sites that might not exist in six months time: it just adds an unnecessary maintenance burden. Similarly, the network (as a principle) does not create fixed migration pathways to beta sites. Individual ...

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