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Should we start redirecting "why are my forecasts shifted one step ahead from the actuals" questions to a community wiki?

You don't necessarily need a community wiki unless you expect others to edit it; just a single canonical version of the question with a good answer would suffice. Surely there are some good ...
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CrossValidated should not use C.W. as a rep-denial mechanism or for "soft-close"

I disagree with this suggestion. Having grown up on this policy, I don't have the same issues with it. Here are some (rambling) thoughts: There are a number of 'big-list' type questions on CV that ...
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Why am I not gaining reputation for upvotes?

You (or possibly a moderator) seem to have checked the "community wiki" box when editing the question. The result being, that the post has become a community wiki post, which means there are no ...
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What is and what should be our policy on making questions community wiki?

[Posting an answer myself to enable people to vote.] By now Approximate $e$ using Monte Carlo Simulation became CW as well. I think that making such questions CW is an unfair, unreasonable, and ...
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Convert our canonical neural network threads to community wiki?

I don't think these threads need to be made community wiki. While the initial idea of CW was to lower the threshold for editing so that there could be a single group answer, it hasn't really been ...
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Can a question classified as community wiki be rolled back to a standard question?

@whuber points out a mistaken assumption in my question: I had falsely assumed that community wiki applied to questions and answers together as one piece, not separately. I suppose, in the fashion of ...
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Should I edit a Community Wiki answer that seems wrong?

You don't need to defer to moderators' opinions on statistical issues. We abuse the CW feature to allow questions that don't meet our guidelines, but which nevertheless we like for some reason or ...
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Should all "book recommendation" questions be classified as community wiki?

There's a third approach, which is at least worth presenting: such posts could be treated just like others—recommendations of a statistical method, say—, rather than like polls. A great ...
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How do questions actually convert to community wikis?

Regular users cannot convert questions (whole threads in practice) to community wiki. That was once possible, but hasn't been for several years. You can convert your own answer to CW, but that won't ...
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Should we start redirecting "why are my forecasts shifted one step ahead from the actuals" questions to a community wiki?

I say go ahead, but would be cautious about what you put about this. Because this is not true for all advanced LSTM time series models. And whatever answer you put is probably not going to be true ...
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