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To get somebody's attention: If you need a moderator--just some moderator--flag a question, comment, or answer. If you need a specific moderator, flag something relevant and in the "other" box of the flag dialog explain whom you are trying to reach (and why). Add a comment to their question or answer. (Please don't do this for just any question or answer: ...


I suppose you may, but it isn't the preferred way to attract attention to your question. Be aware that most questions aren't answered immediately; it can be a few hours at least before a question is answered. Once your question drops off the main page, though, the amount of attention it garners will decrease substantially. At that point, you could edit ...


How about (136 characters): CrossValidated's general room for gossip, grumbles, and idle chat. All are welcome. Please ask substantive questions on the main site.


Flag the post for Moderator attention, with a request to move the comments to chat.


You may be worrying more than you need. I think it's within the rules of the site to ping absolutely anyone -- but not everyone would see the ping. However what's within the rules is not always the same as what people might see as reasonable. I think it would generally be reasonable to: a) ping a user that you have a specific reason to contact (like an ...


(I'm transferring my comment so that this doesn't remain 'unanswered'.) I really don't see a problem with leaving a comment to the other user, perhaps under one of their questions, noting that you appear to have similar interests and would be willing to talk outside of the site about them. You can have external contact information listed on your userpage ...


There isn't going to be anything we can do to change the site to 'fix' this. All we can do is request people ask their question on the main site and don't encourage it by answering them in chat. Some reasons people ask in chat include: It's allowed for some other SE sites. They don't have an account on our site, and don't want to create one (you can ...


[How did I miss this question before? I have no idea. I've checked meta almost daily in the last three or four weeks, and I think this is the first time I've spotted it.] The usual ways to get attention: 1) improve your question 2) offer a bounty 3) pique someone else's interest so they offer a bounty In normal circumstances, I wouldn't suggest you do ...


Could this be the message?

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