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Distribution of question and answer votes on CV

Stackexchange/Stackoverflow provides archives of the database as well as a page that allows to write and execute SQL scripts that access the latest database dump. The webpage for the latter is data....
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How to vote on partial answers?

A partial answer should be both confident and diffident. It should be confident because you think you have something worth saying that is (much) more than a comment, but it is not a full answer. It ...
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How to vote on partial answers?

A very good question that did get me thinking. I think whuber's comment is absolutely key: A "partial answer" suggests the question is not a good one for the site because it raises multiple ...
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How to vote on partial answers?

The help-page mentions this (emphasis mine): Make sure your answer provides that – or at least a viable alternative. Your answer can say “don’t do that,” but it should also say “try this instead.” ...
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What motivates people to answer questions?

Looking back at my career, I realize the best math course I took was a Problem Seminar course. In that course, we were given ten problems to solve per week. During a good week, I could solve maybe 8 ...
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