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What to do if your accepted answer is wrong and you believe you know the right answer?

It is not possible to delete an answer that is accepted. So this is not an option. Next, I would argue that the priority should be not to confuse future readers. This means that the correct answer ...
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7 votes

Counting accepted answers towards tag badges

This kind of change is widely unpopular - not because people don't think a change should be made, but because this is a very "meh" kind of change. Yes, the current system is somewhat unfair to those ...
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6 votes

When an answer is marked as "accepted" and later reversed, how and why can it happen?

I suspect this is a confusion. Here are some screenshots: This is what I see on a question from someone other than me who hasn't accepted the answer: Here is what it looks like when there are ...
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5 votes

I asked 2 questions in 1 post, now I have 2 answers, each one answers another question, which one to accept?

Waiting for someone else step in and provide a complete answer there, when such answers already exist, but in different posts seems unlikely, besides a little bit counterproductive. Alternatively, ...
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