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Peer voting on questions and answers is the primary way users gain reputation, and also which items are sorted at the top.

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How to encourage people to upvote new answers to old questions?

I have the impression that many new answers to old questions often do not get the number of upvotes they deserve. What can we do so that these answers are also upvoted? "Old question" in this ...
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12 votes
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Irregular voting patterns

Without calling anyone out, I suspected someone of downvoting other answers than their own just to have theirs appear higher/attract more upvotes. However, I wasn't sure how to report this and more ...
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2 votes
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40 votes won't trigger the Vox Populi badge

In my profile I can see the following track of the vox populi badge: However, if I want to vote a question, I get the message: Is there sort of a restriction to this badge?
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