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Questions tagged [spam]

Questions about suspected user spam, the spam flag or combating spam as a community.

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11 votes
2 answers

Mentioning commercial/freemium product that I developed in my answers

I am an expert on the topic and answered a set of questions. I am wondering if it is OK to mention the solver that I develop given that it is commercial but has freemium plans. All my answers are ...
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10 votes
2 answers

Frequent homework spam

Did you noticed that recently multiple homework questions are posted? Just a few examples: https://stats.stackexchange....
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6 votes
1 answer

An automatic filter that would detect bad questions when they are written and suggest ways to improve them

We have a corpus of "bad questions" with justification. Have we considered making a spam-filter-like pre-filter that can test the question for it's badness and suggest to the question writer "this ...
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5 votes
0 answers

What to do about "sounds like spam" error?

I attempted to post a detailed question, focused on conceptual and statistical issues, not coding. The site rejected my post with an unexplained error message that my post looked like spam. I also ...
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-8 votes
3 answers

Answering a question other than the one that is asked

There are a few topics on this site (unbalanced data, up-weighting, accuracy, F1 score, precision/recall etc) that whenever a user asks a question regarding one of these methods/metrics, a few high ...
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