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The scope of statistics software-related questions on Cross Validated

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Internet Support for Statistics Software

A discussion in fall 2010 considered the extent to which purely software-related questions would be welcome on this site. It didn't really reach a conclusion, but one useful suggestion that arose is ...
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Why does the “programming” closure message not mention Stack Overflow?

When we close questions that appear to be about programming, a message appears that links to Open Data or to a CV Meta post about software support. Not mentioning Stack Overflow seems like a gigantic ...
11 votes
3 answers

If OP asks for a software referral, and a referral *doesn't* exist, may we answer with the code they asked for?

If an OP asks for a R library recommendation (policy under debate in another meta thread, I realize), and no acceptable recommendation exists, what is the policy regarding writing and posting code ...
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3 answers

Shouldn't CV be a valid resource on how to implement non-trivial statistical models in different software?

Currently the Help Center > Asking states that questions are on-topic if they're about "statistical analysis, applied or theoretical", and whenever it's about programming "if it needs statistical ...
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Computing questions: ggplot2

Pursuant to the recent apparent consensus (How much programming here?) that this site should accept some questions on programming statistical computations, I would like to inquire whether the site ...
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Is this question mentioning Keras off-topic?

Image classification with large images in R keras OP mentions keras a couple time, but to their credit, they don't include code. I'd like to answer the question, but I wonder if I should comment ...
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Should I ask questions about interpreting printouts from a statistical package here or on SO?

There's a function from a statistical package whose printout I'm slightly confused about. Should I ask about it on SO or here? On the one hand, it doesn't have anything to do with coding/programming, ...
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5 answers

Should questions about comparing the output from different statistical software be on topic here?

For instance, this question asks about why R and SAS give different results in a multi-level model. I think this sort of question is more likely to get an answer here than elsewhere. R list users may ...
9 votes
2 answers

Migrating software syntax to StackOverflow or DataScience?

This is a provocative question: should we send "How do I do this in R/SAS/Python/Stata/SPSS" questions to the DataScience, now that it's open? Data cleaning is never a programming question, as it ...
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2 answers

Where to learn about R packages?

Questions about R packages are off-topic on SO, and since programming questions are off-topic on CV, a fortiori packages questions, which are about programming (in R) are off-topic on CV. That's why I ...
13 votes
2 answers

What to do if a question is both unclear and about software?

Recently, I've seen several questions marked as "unclear what you are asking" when the question is both confusing and about software. If we mark it "unclear what you're asking" then the OP may try to ...
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2 answers

The [pandas] tag

I cannot see any reason for the pandas tag to exist on CV. It would seem this is very specifically about code, and not directly statistical/ML code. But I've never used pandas. EDIT: One point I ...
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My question (on R/C/C++ libraries for a specific task) wrongfully put as off-topic

My question Libraries for Siamese networks put on hold as off-topic because, as gung claims, "questions asking for software, libraries, or code are off topic here". There is no sentence "questions ...
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0 answers

Do you think the question "Advanced MCMC samplers in R for calibration of a computer model" belong on SO, CV or nowhere on SE? [duplicate]

I try to never ask R-related questions on Cross Validated. However, I asked the question Advanced MCMC samplers in R for calibration of a computer model on SO and apparently it wasn't well-received (...
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1 answer

Question on plotting in Python closed very quickly

I have just noticed this question: The question have 9 views, and it is already voted to be closed by 5 ...
8 votes
1 answer

Question migrated from StackOverflow put on hold after 1 second with no comments?

As explained here, I asked a question on Stack Overflow. A user with high reputation suggested me to move the question to Cross-Validated, and since in meantime the question had received 3 votes to ...
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1 answer

Tags that have broad concept but also address a specific software function

Regarding filling the tag excerpt: What can be done when the tag name represents both a function of a statistical software, but its name also suggests a broader concept of usage? Example: The lme ...
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1 answer

Is "Why is pointing at" on topic on Cross Validated?

Are general R related questions such as the one in the title of this question on topic on crossvalidated? I presume they're not. I was looking for a specific tutorial at but now the ...
11 votes
1 answer

Updating/re-asking software-related questions

In R, there are two main packages for estimating mixed effects models: nlme and lme4. They have certain differences. (There are also other packages.) In 2010, we had a well-received question: How to ...
22 votes
5 answers

R-specific StackExchange site or greater integration of R community within CV?

There has been discussion over how more of the R community could be brought into the StackExchange fold. (See also this Question on SO Meta.) If I were to sum-up feelings expressed thus far, we are ...
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0 answers

Would question seeking advice on software design involving probabilistic programming be on-topic?

I just wanted to try and see if I can cook up some simple Python routines to allow translation of commonly used models into code that we can then use some inference engine on. So, basically I am ...
3 votes
2 answers

Plugging your software: allowed?

Recently, I wrote a small package to provide a formula interface (and some other bits) to the glmnet R package. This came about after I posted on StackOverflow ...
18 votes
2 answers

Shall we add "this is just a software question" to our default close reasons?

Our community-modifiable default off-topic close reasons are Self-study questions (including textbook exercises, old exam papers, and homework) that seek to understand the concepts are welcome, but ...
11 votes
3 answers

Redirecting "looking for package in R" to SO

I noticed that multiple questions that ask about R packages are voted to migrate to SO (I also do this). This is consistent with the fact that CV is not about programming. On the other hand, "I am ...
21 votes
3 answers

What does Cross Validated aim to be, who is it for?

There has been a lot of discussion about software-related questions on CV (see here or here for examples...). And yet there is still no clear idea and guidance on what CV is, what it strives to be and ...
12 votes
5 answers

How much programming here?

Of course in context of R-versus-Clojure, I felt it needs external discussion. So, I believe that there are two possible sorts of such questions: An algorithmic question like, "How to implement X?" ...
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1 answer

Extending the scope of the site to used software and manipulation of data? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Should we allow more computing questions I noticed there are a few discussions already about whether or not to allow for programming questions, like here and here. I assume ...
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2 answers

Refining the stance on computing questions

Earlier today I asked a question (Mixed Effects Models) and received a response. I want to post follow-up question that asks for R code to achieve the solution provided by the response, but is this ...
18 votes
6 answers

Should we allow more computing questions

I've been thinking about whether this site should incorporate more computing questions. I think the current position of this site can be summarised by this question (which I asked!). Why change I ...