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The scope of reference requests (tag [references]) on Cross-Validated and guidelines for making them.

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Non-English recommendations of books on mathematical and theoretical statistics or probability? [closed]

There is a large number of questions asking for recommendations of textbooks and material on these fields. Unsurprisingly, given the language of this site and most of its audience, resources are ...
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How can requests for references be "too broad"?

I have seen several questions asking for references that someone (or more than one) has marked as too broad. E.g. asks for references about using ...
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Should we have usage guidelines for the meta-tag "references" (and other meta-tags)?

The tag references on Cross Validated doesn't seem to have any usage guidelines included. An analogous tag "reference-request" on Math.StackExchange has the guideline that it should not be a ...
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Is «Does anyone have access to this paper?» a valid question?

Are the questions of the type «Does anyone have access to this paper?» valid at CV?
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Are methodological questions concerning Crowdsourcing within the scope of CV?

Recently, I posted two questions about Crowdsourcing on CV. The first one asking for a general reference got upvoted, while the second specifically asking for a more specific reference concerning ...
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If I use my own StackExchange answers elsewhere, am I violating copyright law?

And a related question, "Who owns the text of an answer I write on StackExchange?" Hypothetically, If I take the text of an answer I wrote on StackExchange and include it word for word, verbatim, in ...
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Is "Why is pointing at" on topic on Cross Validated?

Are general R related questions such as the one in the title of this question on topic on crossvalidated? I presume they're not. I was looking for a specific tutorial at but now the ...
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What to do when a question has an answer on Wikipedia?

Question shows a classical errors-in-variables model (and in particular, since the calibration curve looks polynomial, total least square may suffice). ...
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Why is there no cite option on Cross Validated? [duplicate]

I just found that on the Physics Stack Exchange they have the option to cite answers and questions: As mentioned in this meta post, this option is also available for example on the Mathematics and ...
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Community promotion ad with books and references

We maintain list of web pages, tutorials and help forums about statistical software that has its own community promotion ad, in my opinion it is nice idea to explicitly provide such links. But maybe ...
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Correcting authors' typos in excerpt from papers

In this question the correctly copied excerpt from the paper used reproduces a typo that would make the findings of the paper invalid. The correct simulation setting is found in the paper cited ...
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Proposal: add reference-request as a synonym for references

references has 718 questions, synonyms books, sources and resources and a tag wiki that seems to cover requesting references: "References" is our generic tag for questions seeking information ...
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Is it okay to ask question about a specific paper / model?

I am reading a paper on multiple change-point model and do not understand one of the equation. Is it considered on-topic to ask questions about a paper like that? On the one hand, it's clearly ...
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Question about recommended readings

I am trying to do a community talk about hypothesis testing and want to focus on significance testing and p-values in particular. They have been a bit in the news as well recently (with some journal ...
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Suggestion to make "sources" and "resources" synonyms of "references"

While performing an action derived from another CV meta question and re-looking this question, I realized sources (5 threads) and resources (13 threads) have been used to mean references (245 threads)....
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Delete ambiguous [recommendations] tag

Under the tag recommendations there are 14 threads: 10 threads deals with recommender-system (49 uses). They are: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 [closed], 7, 8, 9, 10. 4 threads asks for references (237 uses). See ...
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Should all "book recommendation" questions be classified as community wiki?

Recently I came across with a question that was asking for book recommendation in an expertise area related to statistic. Then, I was checking for duplicates and I realized among all book ...
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Synonymize various tags for reference requests

Something's been bothering me (and it may just be me) about one category of our tags. When someone asks for references for a particular topic, their choices for tags seems to be: ...
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