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Mainly for questions about citing content of scientific/technical articles in Cross Validated posts, or the opposite. Other (meta) subjects relating to papers and the CV site.

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Copyright: Can we copy an image from an article and paste it into our questions / answers emphasising it belongs to the paper? [duplicate]

It may be a silly question but I was about to use an image from an article in order to support my post (citing the article / authors), but I don't know if is there some kind of copyright infringement ...
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Is there no cite tag to generate a bibtex MISC entry for answers on Cross Validated?

I would like to cite a response by whuber to generate correlated binomials: Generating correlated binomial random variables. On other sites in the SO family (math ones) you can generate a cite key ...
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Correcting authors' typos in excerpt from papers

In this question the correctly copied excerpt from the paper used reproduces a typo that would make the findings of the paper invalid. The correct simulation setting is found in the paper cited ...
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How to get an independent review of my article?

I am writing my first paper on Machine Learning. I worked on a problem, took the results, and wrote the paper. I discussed the results with my teachers and seniors; they said it looked fine. Now I ...
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Can I cite a question/response to an academic paper?

If there is some useful response to a question, can I cite it to an academic journal?
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Second CV Journal Club question about the raw data that was selected

Does anyone know where the "list of trees" is published for the tree ring data used in the analysis for the upcoming paper. I have played around with some of the controversial stuff (for instance, ...
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How should we include paper references?

I recently included a few paper references in my answers (in the MCMC convergence question, for instance). Should we include footnotes with the full citation when we reference papers? That might be ...
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