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Discussion and controversy around questions that are explicitly stated as, presumed, or suspected to be homework questions, or other routine questions from a course or a textbook. They are tagged with [self-study].

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Why was this question closed if they are not directly asking for the answer of their homework?

As the title suggests, I saw this question from a new user here. The question was closed as self-study and I can understand why...on the surface it appears to be asking for someone to solve the ...
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What is the best way to ask why an old answer to a closed question is wrong?

This closed question Can the likelihood take values outside of the range[0,1] comes up when I search Google for "likelihood greater than 1" However I recently learned in my course that it ...
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Why is it difficult to get help here

I am Simran, I have been studying for a govt exam with statistics as optional (which is rarely opted by students ) , due to which there isn't any good professional coaching available , I have been ...
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Deleting self-study questions after asking?

What is (or should be) the policy on deleting self-study questions after getting help? Context. This question is prompted by whuber's remark on someone's self-study question: How would this Markov ...
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what is an answer versus a comment to a self-study question

We don't just post answers to self-study questions where we give the proof of whatever the OP is asking. I think this is a good policy. However, that seems to mean that any post in response to a self-...
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Homework question put on hold for "demanding an answer" even though, I did show what my own thinking/approach to the problem was?

This post about a question that came up in a test was put on hold, presumably because I am "demanding an answer". But I'm not, I clearly explained what my thinking was and how it differed from the ...
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Can we resolve the lack of consensus about editors adding the self-study tag?

I recently looked over my list of reviews for 'suggested edits'. I found a fair number of cases where the majority vote was to approve the addition of the self-study...
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What should we do with HW questions where the person says "I have no idea how to start"?

Our guidelines for homework question say to use the self-study tag and tell what you've tried. But what about when a person says, "I have no idea where to start?" Should such questions be closed? ...
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How specifically should we "provide hints" to self-study questions?

We get quite a number of self-study questions, and one common comment says that We'll provide hints to help you get unstuck. So... how specifically should we provide these hints? Should we write ...
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If rejecting an edit that adds the [self-study] tag, what reason should be given?

After the discussion in Should I add the self-study tag to a question that is copy-pasted from a book? it seems the status quo is to not add the self-study tag without the author consent. I'm facing ...
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Should I add the self-study tag to a question that is copy-pasted from a book?

This question was asked earlier today The text is copy-pasted from an Exercise from Introduction to ...
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An automatic filter that would detect bad questions when they are written and suggest ways to improve them

We have a corpus of "bad questions" with justification. Have we considered making a spam-filter-like pre-filter that can test the question for it's badness and suggest to the question writer "this ...
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What is the exact meaning of the [self-study] tag? Should we consider renaming it?

Our self-study tag is defined as: A routine question from a textbook, course, or test used for a class or self-study. This community's policy is to "provide helpful hints" for self-study questions....
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Why do Cross Validated and Math SE have different policies for homework questions?

Why is it that CrossValidated requires homework or the like to be tagged w/ self-study, but Math SE did away w/ homework tag a long time ago? Why don't the arguments for no more homework tag in Math ...
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A difficulty with self-study-like questions of the form "Is this correct?"

I've seen a spate of questions of a form more or less along the lines of "Is this working correct?" just lately. While this is good from the point of view that the poster is clearly making a proper ...
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Frequent homework spam

Did you noticed that recently multiple homework questions are posted? Just a few examples: https://stats.stackexchange....
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Is it okay to add the [self-study] tag through an edit instead of asking OP to do it?

I just (attempted to) reject an edit to include the "self-study" tag in a question, because the editor was "pretty certain that this is a self-study/homework question". "Self-study" is I think the ...
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Should the homework tag be deprecated?

Apparently the use of the homework tag was deprecated on SO. This is actually mentioned in the same meta that our FAQ points to in describing how to ask/answer homework questions. However, elsewhere ...
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The homework tag and homework policy (is it indeed "a routine question"?)

Right now the homework tag says "a routine question....". To me, this implies a simple question, probably from an elementary text. Many homework tagged questions are, indeed, just like this. But some ...
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Can we help with multiple choice homework without violating site policy?

I recently answered a multiple choice question on CV and although the OP did not label it homework it obviously was. Should we try to give hints? I had a hard time finding a way to suggest an answer ...
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Should we tag questions that smell like homework?

This is related to, but not a duplicate of, How should we deal with obvious homework questions Homework questions have certain characteristics - vague, sample data, inclusion of instructions meant ...
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6 votes
2 answers

Homework tag for old exam questions?

When a user asks questions from old exams in preparation for an upcoming exam should we apply the "homework" tag, even if the old exams aren't necessarily assigned for a grade? I'm ambivalent; it's ...
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What to do with homework questions posed as non-homework?

Here is a question which is a homework question. This is problem 3.23 on page 97 of Hastie et al., Elements of Statistical Learning, 2nd. ed. (5th printing). There are several problems in my opinion: ...
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How should we deal with obvious homework questions

When this site takes off, we will get a number of homework questions that can be spotted a mile off. Should we Just down vote them and not answer them. Provide helpful hints Make a note in the FAQ ...
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