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3 answers

What are some "best practices" for editing to improve a post?

We already have another excellent question on CV.SE setting out editing dos and don'ts, but that mostly focuses on the limitations that apply to editing other people's posts, rather than the substance ...
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1 answer

Italics in question titles: $math$ or *asterisks*?

I noticed when editing Is there any *mathematical* basis for the Bayesian vs frequentist debate? that entering italicized text in the title field is problematic. The markup ...
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6 votes
2 answers

Is there a place where I can ask "how do I ..." for formatting questions

I am often asking myself "how do I do ..." with formatting, but what I am trying to do is (afaict) not in the formatting help. Where do I go with questions that are formatting related and not stats ...
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2 answers

Table formatting: best practices regarding code sample format

Often, when editing other people's answers and questions, we have to deal with non-formatted tables, as people justifiably don't know how to type those in the text boxes and keep the table formatting. ...
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Is it wrong to edit badly formatted questions? [duplicate]

I'm wondering if it's OK to edit questions that do not format or punctuate text well.
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1 answer

Formatting problem

Sometimes formatting symbols are not recognized immediately after a TeX expression, as in the fourth paragraph here. (This is not the only instance I have encountered. A work-around is to put a ...
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2 votes
1 answer

Formatting problem

For some reason, this question is ignoring all paragraph breaks and formatting for the last 40% of the question. It looks ok in preview, but not after saving.
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3 votes
5 answers

What should the guide be for editing questions, answers, and responses? [duplicate]

I originally posted these as answers to the recent question on style guides for questions but realized it was addressing a separate issue. So what rules should we follow for editing other individuals ...
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