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For questions about the flagging process, how flags are handled, etc.

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2 answers

Many (historical) duplicate questions - how to pick a "canonical" question?

I want to bring this up here rather than mass-flagging a whole bunch of questions as duplicates (and also avoiding the issue of choosing one as the "base") This question from today is a new member of ...
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Obsolete comments: To flag, or not to flag?

↑ That ↑ is the question...(Sorry, couldn't resist.) I've flagged a couple comments as obsolete here, and had both flags declined. These comments were suggestions to correct errors in OPs, which were ...
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2 answers

Would it make sense to add Data Science SE to the list of suggested sites for migration of a question?

I just flagged: R solution for high performance and large datasets for closing since it's quite obviously off-topic (I can't really see as instructions for setting up a Spark server from R Studio ...
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Do you flag absolute nonsense questions?

Here: Is a "question" from a bot or a troll. Do we ever bypass "vote to close" and use the flag function if a Q is complete ...
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4 answers

Are plain "Welcome to our site" comments too chatty?

My reading of the various pieces of stackexchange-network information about comments and chattiness would suggest that "Welcome to our site" comments on their own (absent any other text such as being ...
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Why were the flags (as obsolete) on these comments marked as declined?

I flagged both of them as obsolete as they both are not fruitful any more. But my flags are declined. Does this community have some other rules in this case? I often do it in stackoverflow and have ...
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4 votes
2 answers

What is appropriate use of the 'Not an answer' flag?

Recently I've had some discussions with @whuber about what constitutes appropriate use of the 'Not an answer' flag where I was referred to this thread: To flag or not to flag and a request for ...
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1 answer

Why were my "no longer needed" comment flags declined?

Today, I needed to search about fitting discrete distributions on my mobile device; I ended up in the thread How to fit a discrete distribution to count data?, which was indeed quite relevant. Under ...
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4 votes
1 answer

Aren't we supposed to flag obsolete comments?

So, there's this chain of comments in Any example of (roughly) independent variables that are dependent at extreme values?: After the edits the whole exchange became obsolete, and will only confuse ...
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Nearly 40% of questions on Cross Validated are unanswered, is there a way to improve this?

Given the low answer rate on CV (62% based on current information) and discussions thereof, would it be possible to build a easy system to categorize questions, such that it becomes clear why they may ...
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