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Comments that are actually answers

Related discussion on Meta.SO. Is there some kind of way that comments that are in fact answers to questions be moved from a comment section into the answer section? Ideally the user who asks the ...
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What typographic support is available to support display of statistical formula?

There will be occasions when it would be useful to be able to include a statistical formula within a question, answer, or comment. How is this supported?
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2 answers

Uploading data to site?

Would it be possible to provide a facility to upload data, in a similar way that an image can be uploaded? For example, although small samples of data can be pasted into the question, it could be a ...
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Is there no cite tag to generate a bibtex MISC entry for answers on Cross Validated?

I would like to cite a response by whuber to generate correlated binomials: Generating correlated binomial random variables. On other sites in the SO family (math ones) you can generate a cite key ...
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11 votes
1 answer

How to print a Cross Validated question or answer?

While I respect, laud and enjoy Cross Validated questions' and answers' palimpsest-like qualities of being a dynamic and living documents, I have a need to print (or save to PDF) a static snapshot of ...
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Feature to edit without bumping?

I've seen related questions regarding tag editing, but not editing of an actual response. Is there a way to edit a response to a question without bumping it back up to the top? I find that I ...
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8 answers

What migration paths should we allow?

See this blog post from Jeff. I suggest we need to allow migration to StackOverflow (the programming questions) and math.stackexchange (the more mathematical questions). What other migration paths do ...
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2 answers

Would it make sense to add Data Science SE to the list of suggested sites for migration of a question?

I just flagged: R solution for high performance and large datasets for closing since it's quite obviously off-topic (I can't really see as instructions for setting up a Spark server from R Studio ...
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10 votes
2 answers

Allow single-character edits in formulas

I have just came across the ingeniously enforced "small, single-character edits should be avoided" policy. I was trying to change a "$-$" in a formula into a "$+$". I succeeded after a prolonged fight ...
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Should there be a way to indicate answers you're especially proud of on your user profile page?

I've learned an incredible amount on this site from the many great contributors we have. One situation that often occurs is that I notice a particularly insightful answer and I click on the user's ...
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4 votes
2 answers

Can I suggest that a question be migrated to another stack exchange site?

I saw a question that belongs more to quantitative-finance.SE than to stats.SE. Is there a way to migrate questions across SE sites? If there isn't, is it appropriate to suggest the user ask on ...
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4 votes
1 answer

Is it possible to subscribe to a specific user's answers?

I appreciate the ability to subscribe to tags that are of interest to me, and I would similarly like the ability to subscribe to answers from a specific user. Without naming names, I have noticed that ...
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'Answered questions' filter for questions page

Currently, the main questions page has a filter for unanswered questions - obviously, for the benefit of those with the expertise to answer such questions (or some of them). I'm at the other end of ...
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2 answers

Increasing reputation needed for creating tags?

At present, the reputation threshold for creating new tags is at 300, making this accessible for relatively new and inexperienced users. A lot of new tags created now (2022) are unnecessary, or simply ...
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Customize criteria for automatic population to review queue?

I think we could dramatically improve the review queue process if we could auto-populate the queue with questions that are suspect for more refined reasons than currently exist. In the same vein as to ...
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12 votes
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New interesting page: TagOverflow

There is a new interesting page, called TagOverflow (I came to it from math SE Meta). Its results for Cross Validated are here. Or, copied in here: For discussion here: What can this teach us ...
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10 votes
2 answers

Why doesn't CV offer tutorials?

If one purpose of the site is to promote good statistical practice, why are tutorials not part of our offerings? It seems many users could benefit from well-written tutorials on subjects such as ...
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Can we clarify the off-topic closing options?

Evidently, when we vote to close a question as off-topic and appropriate for Stack Overflow, the thread will not actually be migrated unless we select: ...
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9 votes
1 answer

How to follow a question?

Is there an option to follow a question asked by another user? I would like to get a notification every time a new comment or answer is posted.
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9 votes
1 answer

Do we need to hide some lengthy content in answers or questions?

While reading some extended and not-so-short answers with graphs and codes I came to a common forum-like idea of hiding/showing an additional though probably useful content in the body of answers or ...
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8 votes
2 answers

Can we have a "belongs on [any se site]" option

Is there a possibility to close a question with a reason "belong on [some site]" where some site is replaced by any stack exchange site like or I would ...
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1 answer

How to unvote on comments?

Occasionally I mistakenly upvote a comment. There seems to be no way to undo this action. Is this a bug? A feature? My missing something?
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1 answer

Points of information for lowly members

I'm looking at this page, which includes an R expression (for the gam function in the mgcv package). The R expression includes two elements (functions?) which do not appear on the help page for that ...
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0 answers

A sketching tool would be very useful

I basic sketching tool to quickly draw out graphs / concepts etc. along the lines of Balsamiq markups would be really useful. It would be doubly useful if people answering questions could access the ...
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4 votes
2 answers

Shall I attach pieces of code to my answers?

I'm very grateful for the code function, as it makes it easy to illustrate some answers. Yet, I feel I for one have the risk of overloading my answer with R code. Good if you know R, but not always ...
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Why are comments not included in question-feeds?

I like to monitor the development of a question in which I'm involved in an RSS-reader. Often the interesting development is in the comments, though. Currently, a question's RSS feed includes only the ...
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1 answer

bordermatrix in MathJaX

It would be nice to have the option to use bordermatrix in MathJaX. See the bottom of the page
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synonym request - gam and general additive model [duplicate]

The tag wiki for gam says "general additive model", and has 44 questions. There is also general-additive-model, which has 6 questions. Please can someone with the required privileges establish the ...
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When the page crashes while you're posting/editing an answer

I've noticed a rather odd phenomena with the site on a number of occasions: When I'm posting an answer for the first time, the draft is continually saved and so, if the page happens to crash while I'...
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2 answers

CART as junior synonym to Decision Tree

I would recommend to make "cart" and "classification-tree" tags junior synonyms of "decision-tree". Because, often CART acronym is regarded to be just a particular method or algorithm of the tree ...
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Tag synonym: auc -> roc?

I believe auc should be a synonym for roc. auc was created only for this question.
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2 answers

Can we add the ability to sort questions based on the number of up-votes from high reputation users?

Inspired by this post, I had the idea that browsing questions would be more fun if there was a feature that allowed sorting/filtering/searching based on the number of up-votes a question has received ...
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2 votes
3 answers

Can we have the option of making a question CW but let the answers be non-CW?

This feature is needed on Polystats projects that we are starting on See these threads for what they are: What should be our first Polystats project? and How about starting a ...
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2 votes
1 answer

Fix "transfromation" typo in tag synonym

The "transfromation" synonym should be "transformation". That's just a typo, although it may have been lurking for a while. (I can't see a way to suggest an edit, except this one.)
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Clustering picture gallery

This is a proposed community wiki to collect pictures of unsupervised clustering of data sets, e.g. k-means and ANN, approximate nearest neighbors. Both pictures of clusters themselves, and diagrams ...
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Is there a way to cite a post other than providing the full link?

I wonder if there is a way (e.g. a unique and stable ID), other than the full link, that one can use to cite a post, in the same vein as we can cite a journal article via its DOI.
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Nearly 40% of questions on Cross Validated are unanswered, is there a way to improve this?

Given the low answer rate on CV (62% based on current information) and discussions thereof, would it be possible to build a easy system to categorize questions, such that it becomes clear why they may ...
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Add Philosophy as a possible SE network to migrate off-topic questions

I see that it's been asked to allow questions to be migrated to any SE network, and I don't necessarily agree (complete red-herring topics should be closed-closed, not migrated, fewer network options ...
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