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Questions tagged [cross-posting]

Cross-posting refers to posting the same question on multiple websites.

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3 answers

Handling of cross-posted questions when flagged

I have been flagging questions that are cross-posted. Usually this leads to the question being closed; sometimes, my flag is marked helpful but no action is taken and the question is left open. Can ...
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Overlap with ai.stackexchange and datascience.stackexchange

I found that quite a few tags are present at each of these sites in the SE universe: Artificial Intelligence (AI) Data Science (DS) Cross Validated (CV) For example: reinforcement-learning (AI, DS, ...
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8 votes
5 answers

What to do when an on-topic question has already been posted on another SE site?

The question, Properties of MLE (minimal sufficient and complete) on a restricted parameter space was, per the comment, already posted on the math site. Moreover, people have been voting to close it (...
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Reposting a Question from Math.stackexchange on Stats.stackexchange? Specifically one about probability? [duplicate]

I posted a question over at math.stackexchange involving the probability of all TRUE scenarios that fit the constraints I establish. A link is here (assuming I'm allowed to link to it here to ...
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Can I cross-post a question which answer I'm not satisfied with?

For Gaussian distribution matrix $X$, find $E(F(X))$ and $\sigma(X)$ s.t. $F=\sum f(x_i)P_i,$ given $E(f_i(x_i)),\sigma(f_i(x_i)) \forall i$ While jbowman answers my question, I am unsatisfied. I ...
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3 votes
2 answers

Plugging your software: allowed?

Recently, I wrote a small package to provide a formula interface (and some other bits) to the glmnet R package. This came about after I posted on StackOverflow ...
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3 answers

Cross-Posting on Math and CV

As I've been using Mathematics, I've noticed that questions related to statistics or probabilities take more time to get answered, if they get answered, than at CV. This is just my impression without ...
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4 votes
1 answer

Can questions be asked on more than one Stack Exchange site?

No one likes duplicate questions, but I'm considering posting a question about information theory. It would be well-suited to both Cross Validated AND Cryptography. I'd be interested in the opinions ...
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13 votes
2 answers

Cross-posting in CV and math.SE tends to become an epidemic

UPDATE 31/7/2014: It continues unabated. I know that the general issue of cross-posting questions has been discussed before; opinions were not unanimous, but one could discern that the general ...
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Is the help wrong when it says that cross-posting is not allowed?

I've just been having a discussion in comments here where I referred the poster to the help on cross-posting. I've been told that I'm wrong (which, given how often I am wrong, hardly comes as a shock ...
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9 votes
3 answers

Posting same question on other statistics forums in addition to Cross Validated

I'm aware that it's a no-no to post the same question on multiple Stack Exchange sites. I'm curious, however: what do people feel about posting the same question on non-SE sites, such as MetaOptimize ...
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1 answer

Is it acceptable to post the same question on multiple sites?

For example, if I want to reach a wider audience of potential answerers, is it acceptable to post the same question here, as well as on mathoverflow, and other sites that come up that are relevant? ...
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