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Comments are small addendum to each question or answer, intentionally limited in size and formatting.

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I don't receive notifications

A user sent me several notifications in the comments of this discussion today, but I have not received any notification.
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what is an answer versus a comment to a self-study question

We don't just post answers to self-study questions where we give the proof of whatever the OP is asking. I think this is a good policy. However, that seems to mean that any post in response to a self-...
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Tag for comments that contain maieutic responses

I asked a question and got a maieutic question in response. After figuring out the answer myself I awarded answer credit to the person who put forth the effort to write the answer. While this ...
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Increasing visibility to questions by upvoting comments = cheating?

I have begun posting questions in CrossValidated and recognized that many go almost unnoticed. I realized that by periodically upvoting the corresponding comments the question may reappear as active,...
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