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Questions tagged [closing-questions]

This tag is for general questions about questions that have been closed because they are off-topic or otherwise do not meet the criteria defined in the FAQ.

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Closing "software questions"

TL;DR: Recently, it seems to me like we have been a little trigger-happy about closing questions as "only about software/programming". I ask that we please ease off a bit. Our help page on ...
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14 votes
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What should we do with HW questions where the person says "I have no idea how to start"?

Our guidelines for homework question say to use the self-study tag and tell what you've tried. But what about when a person says, "I have no idea where to start?" Should such questions be closed? ...
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13 votes
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Customize criteria for automatic population to review queue?

I think we could dramatically improve the review queue process if we could auto-populate the queue with questions that are suspect for more refined reasons than currently exist. In the same vein as to ...
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Improve closure-to-migrate voting

We often get questions that focus on how to do something using R (or Python, rarely SAS, MS Excel or others), with little to no statistical content. Such questions are off-topic and should be closed. ...
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10 votes
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Should the standards for closing questions be relaxed somewhat for old questions?

As I've started reviewing more this question keeps occurring to me. In my judgment there are three ordered categories of question quality: should definitely stay open, should definitely be closed, ...
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Programming or data request confusion

I haven't been reviewing long, but it seems like almost daily I see questions closed due to programming or data requests. But to me the majority of these are more often statistical questions rather ...
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9 votes
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Does it take too long for questions "on hold" to be re-opened and are enough questions re-opened?

I find it a bit puzzling, regarding site moderation, that questions are put on hold quickly (that's good) but in my experience it takes forever for them to be re-opened. In a recent example from this ...
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Homework question put on hold for "demanding an answer" even though, I did show what my own thinking/approach to the problem was?

This post about a question that came up in a test was put on hold, presumably because I am "demanding an answer". But I'm not, I clearly explained what my thinking was and how it differed from the ...
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How often do you "skip" on closing a question and why do you do so?

When deciding whether to close a question, one option is to skip - which is like abstaining. How often do you do this? Why do you do so? And, as another question, what happens when people skip?
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Issue with locked question

This locked question "exists because it has historical significance, but it is not considered a good, on-topic question for this site, so please do not use it as evidence that you can ask similar ...
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How do I know if I added enough detail to satisfy the "question needs details or clarity" after being closed?

I recently asked this question: Why is the two-sample test giving me inconsistent results? It was closed afterwards and a comment was left requesting more details. I updated the question, but I'm not ...
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