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Chat is the real time, stateful web chat that's a part of every Stack Exchange site.

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What could be the possible reasons behind people posting substantial questions in CV chatroom?

I know that asking questions in chat is bad, discouraged, doesn't give proper chance to clarify doubts, bypasses quality control and undermines the purpose of the site itself. But could someone, ...
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What should the description for our general chat room be?

Our general chat room is Ten fold. We sometimes describe it as being, "just for gossip and grumbles". People occasionally ask substantive statistics or machine learning questions there, and we often ...
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Opening a chatroom for an [on-hold] question

I know the SE protect users' privacy, so the lack of instruments to contact other users is a feature and not a bug. I respect that. However, recently two users (one is me) have shown interest in a ...
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Can I move a conversation to chat before the 11 comments threshold?

I searched for an answer to this question before asking, but I couldn't find it (I admit I'm not very skilled in using the "search" function on the SE sites). I would like to move the comments for ...
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What is the protocol or etiquette for pinging users in Ten Fold?

CV gives practically unfettered access to renowned experts in the field in a democratic setting that would have been unthinkable in the not so distant past. Incredibly, in many cases, this is even ...
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The Talkative Badge?

I just received notification that I have earned the Talkative Badge for posting 10 messages in Cross Validated chat rooms with one or more of them starred. I can recall only one message that I have ...
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2 answers

Chat to attract answers?

Suppose I have some questions that I would like to see answered. May I use the chat to attract (indiscriminately) some users' attention towards my questions?
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9 votes
1 answer

Is there a way to attract a user's attention?

I know if I comment after someone, or after their answer or their question, then they will be notified. But is there are more general way to attract people's attention? For example (hope he doesn't ...
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What is a "super-ping" and what does it mean if I get one?

I got a notice in my "inbox" about a chat message, but it's in a room I never heard of and never entered before. What's going on and what does that mean?
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Statistics Chat Room

A quick search for "chat" in the questions turns up this. But from what I interpret this is for meta-discussion. So, is there a chat room for stats? If not, can there be? I don't see a link at the top ...
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First Cross Validated Journal Club

EDIT3: CVJC1 finished; you can read the transcript here. EDIT2: I have still no response from the author, yet I think it should go as planned: 12/17/2010, 16:00UTC, we will discuss text mining in ...
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7 votes
3 answers

CV journal club?

We have an awesome chat (yes, it is awesome by design), and a small traffic there. Yet there is an idea to organize a periodic meetup to boost the chat popularity. Photo.SE has for instance photo ...
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3 votes
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Chat room is frozen?

Gavin Simpson mentioned to me that he gets the following when trying to post in the "Ten Fold" chat room: I see "This room is frozen; new messages cannot be added." where the message box would ...
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