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Indicates you've found an erroneous or unexpected behaviour in the system that needs to be fixed.

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Error in the suggested edits review queue

For some time now I've had problems with rejecting suggested edits in the suggested edits review queue. Usually the majority of edits is actually an improvement but when the exceptions occur the ...
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Blog design is off for monthly view Something is wrong with your layout there:
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Improve "Similar questions" results when writing a question

I've noticed recently that when I write a new question such as this one, the "Similar questions" box just above the Body text entry box shows results that are similar, but they're similar ...
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5 votes
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What to do about "sounds like spam" error?

I attempted to post a detailed question, focused on conceptual and statistical issues, not coding. The site rejected my post with an unexplained error message that my post looked like spam. I also ...
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Just got an invalid security certificate for meta.stats.SE ... what's up?

I normally get to meta.stats.SE by either typing "meta." in the address bar or by clicking a link to meta in the sidebar - which might link to say ...
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Why is this question marked as unanswered?

This question is on the list of unanswered questions, even though it has an answer that has many upvotes (including, now, mine). Am I missing something or is this a bug of some kind? EDIT Here is a ...
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I don't receive notifications

A user sent me several notifications in the comments of this discussion today, but I have not received any notification.
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0 answers

Double-underlining on linked questions on profile page

If I hover over the upper edge of a question on a profile page, then first one line appears under the hyperlink, and as I move the mouse down, towards the centre of the question, then as the mouse ...
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Reputation for the answer when the questions get merged

This question was cross-posted on math.SE. It got separate answers there and here (by me), both of them were accepted. After the merge, the one from the math.SE is shown to be accepted, but I still ...
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Strange identicon

For two days I've been meeting a strange identicon in place of the true one. This is about my own profile, and also about some other people profile. The identicon is this I see my posts now "signed" ...
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"This webpage has a redirect loop"

Sometimes when I load CrossValidated, I get an error that the page has a redirect loop. I can always resolve this by going to and then reloading ...
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Is CV's 'Reopen votes' review queue working right now?

A few minutes ago I had to skip the two reopen votes visible in my review queue because I couldn't complete any of them due to a strange error of the kind An error ...
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0 answers

What's going on with MathJax today?

I'm looking at this question. It says: $$ \Pr(X=x) = \frac{-p^x}{ x\log(1-p)} \text{ for } x = 1,2,3,\ldots\, \tag 2 $$ Now I will set that in an inline, rather than displayed, context: $\Pr(X=x)...
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2 votes
0 answers

40 votes won't trigger the Vox Populi badge

In my profile I can see the following track of the vox populi badge: However, if I want to vote a question, I get the message: Is there sort of a restriction to this badge?
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Can't post answer because Captcha hangs

I can't post an answer because the Captcha hangs. It keeps spinning indefinitely when I check "I'm not a robot", and the reCaptcha button cannot be activated. I'm using Opera 12.x. Is this something ...
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Inconsistent view count between question page and search results page?

When I search "moose" in the search engine I see this post has 3k views: When I open up the question's page I see 4k views: Is this some kind of difference in rounding rules, or something ...
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Increasing visibility to questions by upvoting comments = cheating?

I have begun posting questions in CrossValidated and recognized that many go almost unnoticed. I realized that by periodically upvoting the corresponding comments the question may reappear as active,...
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