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Questions about the favorite question feature. For questions about favorite tags, use (favorite-tags) instead.

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6 votes
1 answer

How to search among my favorite questions

As per object. I tried to search among the questions on Meta, but I couldn't find anything (maybe it's also because of limitations in the mobile site).
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9 votes
1 answer

How to follow a question?

Is there an option to follow a question asked by another user? I would like to get a notification every time a new comment or answer is posted.
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6 votes
1 answer

What does the blue number next to "favorites" refer to?

I don't understand notifications for favorites. I presume the number in blue that I see when I go to my profile is telling me that that many of my favorites have had something happen to them. But ...
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How to save favorite users?

How can I save my favorite users in the profile? Why would it be possible to mark "favorite" questions but not users?
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