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Has the rate of unanswered questions risen in the last year? [duplicate]

Disclaimer: I haven't been very active the last year, and I didn't perform a statistical analysis on actual CV traffic data, thus I may definitely be wrong. However, I have the impression that the ...
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Are we seeing a dramatic drop in answers per question?

From time to time I look at CV site-related stats of various kinds in various places. I was alarmed to look at this query on Stack Exchange Data Explorer (SEDE), Which shows a dramatic drop in the ...
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How best to leave comments on questions and answers in the review queue?

I notice that regular Review Queue patrollers often leave a stock comment, particularly on "first posts" and "low quality posts". There are many issues that arise time and again, ...
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Is a quick-and-dirty answer better than no answer?

I find that many questions go unanswered for lack of a great answer. That applies to both CV and here on CV meta. Whether this is due to brain drain, or a flood new users, or perfectionism, is hard to ...
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2020 Moderator Election Q&A - Questionnaire

In connection with the moderator elections, we are holding a Q&A thread for the candidates. Questions collected from an earlier thread have been compiled into this one, which shall now serve as ...
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Are new answerers feeling like they "speak into the void"? And can we help?

It is known that CV has a large and growing number of unanswered questions. If that is to improve, increasing the number of people who answer questions and/or help clean up (downvote, edit, comment) ...
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How should performance answering questions best be evaluated

There are many statistics computed on the StackExchange websites that could be used to evaluate how well a person is performing at answering questions. We have (1) total reputation points (2) ...
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Comments that are actually answers

Related discussion on Meta.SO. Is there some kind of way that comments that are in fact answers to questions be moved from a comment section into the answer section? Ideally the user who asks the ...
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Why is math.SE more responsive than Cross Validated?

I am just wondering why it takes more time to get a response in Cross Validated than in math.SE. Is there any specific reason?
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When we vote to close a question as "unclear" should we state why in a comment?

Some questions are completely unclear and it's fairly obvious that they need to be closed. But I've seen some votes to close as unclear that could really use an explanation - and sometimes the person ...
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Answering a question other than the one that is asked

There are a few topics on this site (unbalanced data, up-weighting, accuracy, F1 score, precision/recall etc) that whenever a user asks a question regarding one of these methods/metrics, a few high ...
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Criterion for "Unanswered" question - should it change?

"Unanswered" are considered the questions whose answers have received no upvotes. This creates the following situation: a question gets answered, and answer is accepted by the OP, but the OP has not ...
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Favorite "data analysis" cartoon question should be closed

This question What is your favorite "data analysis" cartoon? Should really be closed, as it's sending a negative signal about what is allowed on the site, per the comment: According to ...
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What is considered an "unanswered question" in Stack Exchange?

I noted the discussion recently about the high proportion of unanswered questions here on CV and decided to try to answer some. So, I clicked on the "Unanswered" button but, rather than start at the ...
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Should we start redirecting "why are my forecasts shifted one step ahead from the actuals" questions to a community wiki?

It seems like almost every other day now, we get a new post with somebody asking the question: "My forecasts look very good, they almost follow the actual to the letter, except that they are shifted ...
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