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Current tag synonym candidates

Please post your tag synonym suggestions as new answers in this thread, one answer per suggestion. Upvote answers where you believe that the suggested tags should be made synonyms, and downvote ...
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How best to leave comments on questions and answers in the review queue?

I notice that regular Review Queue patrollers often leave a stock comment, particularly on "first posts" and "low quality posts". There are many issues that arise time and again, ...
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Tag-candidates for removal

We already have a thread for proposing candidates for tag synonyms, but there doesn't seem to be a similar thread for proposing tags for deletion. Similarly to the "synonym" thread, let's use this one ...
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Help spread the wealth

[This post was inspired by this one] You may have noticed that I award the occasional bounty - I like to give one when I see a particularly good answer or a question I think should get an answer. (...
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Should we be merging our non-merged tag synonyms as a matter of course?

Tags on SE can be made synonyms with or without merging. Non-merged synonyms have a bit of a weird behaviour. Take a look e.g. at books which is a synonym of references. If I search for [books], I ...
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We hit the first non-CW "Great Answer" badge. What milestones are we yet to hit that indicate a 'mature' group?

I notice that overnight (my time) we hit the first non-CW "Great Answer" badge (it had been awarded 3 times before, but all to community-wiki answers), on this answer; congratulations whuber. So, ...
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2017 moderator election Q&A - question collection

Cross Validated, as has been noted, is scheduled for an election next week, August 7th. In connection with that, we will be holding a Q&A with the candidates. This will be an opportunity for ...
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2017 moderator election requested

To keep you informed - we (the moderators) recently requested an election for two new moderator positions for CrossValidated. It should begin soon. Our election pages are here (which currently link ...
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How should questions be answered on Cross Validated?

Following on my previous question: Should our FAQ include information about answering questions, and the subsequent discussion in the comments there, this question is intended to elicit discussion ...
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Dear mods, what should be our protocol for tag burnination?

There is this Meta thread: Tag-candidates for removal. During the last three six months, it collected 8 answers with up to +12 upvotes. However, not a single action has so far been taken. As ...
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Are we closing questions too fast?

It seems to me that we have been closing more and more questions, and that we are moving them into the close votes review queue very quickly. This seems to have evolved naturally, but I wonder if we ...
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What is and what should be our policy on making questions community wiki?

This recent question has just been converted into a community wiki (CW): When (if ever) is a frequentist approach substantively better than a Bayesian? I understand that the idea behind converting ...