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What should the guide be for editing questions, answers, and responses? [duplicate]

I originally posted these as answers to the recent question on style guides for questions but realized it was addressing a separate issue. So what rules should we follow for editing other individuals ...
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How should reviewers handle questions with awful formatting? [duplicate]

From time to time when reviewing questions I stumble upon posts that are terribly formatted. Here is a good recent example (note the screenshot with almost invisible text): transformation ...
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A question is unclear, but resolving the "unclarity" is part of the answer [duplicate]

Interpretation of the variance of a slope is unclear because the OP seems to be confused by notation, and therefore the notation in the question is confusing. StatStudent pointed this out in the ...
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Is it wrong to edit badly formatted questions? [duplicate]

I'm wondering if it's OK to edit questions that do not format or punctuate text well.
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What are some "best practices" for editing to improve a post?

We already have another excellent question on CV.SE setting out editing dos and don'ts, but that mostly focuses on the limitations that apply to editing other people's posts, rather than the substance ...
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Should trivial (bordering on (if not outright) ideological) edits to post be acceptable?

I don't intend this to be directed at the Mod and User in question, but this instance has me questioning what kinds of edits to posts are acceptable here. See this recent edit to a post of mine. It is:...
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Is it acceptable to edit other people's answers to include new information?

Recently I have noticed a few suggested edits that included adding new information to an existing answer. Is that acceptable? My intuition is that edits should not add new information that the author ...
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Really confused about this constant edit suggestion

I keep seeing a user in the Suggested Edits queue doing the exact same edit to several questions, such as this one here. It always has the same typo "Thanks in Adavanced" and the deleted ...
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Is having equations in LaTeX preferable to images and if so, is it desireable to convert them in others' questions?

Is it preferable to have equations in LaTeX format instead of images, and if so, is it a desideratum to convert images to LaTeX when possible? I have been going through some older questions and ...
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Fixing typos and minimum change length

Fixing typos usually results in changing a character or very few. When trying to fix such typos (on other people questions), I get a message that the change is too short. I bypassed that problem by ...
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Is it appropriate to heavily rewrite a poorly written question?

I occasionally come across a question that is poorly or awkwardly written, perhaps because the author doesn't speak English natively. How far am I allowed to go in editing the question? Should I make ...
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