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Should new users be allowed to provide questions similar to others?

Recently on CrossValidated I have found that new members may not have studied all the rules prior to asking their first question. I find that moderators and other users will quickly vote to close ...
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Should an OP's edit of their own question be accepted before their accounts are merged?

Basically I was looking around the queue and found this suggested edit: It became obvious to me the user was having difficulties with ...
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Can I ask a question again, but with a different point of view?

I approached a question the wrong way and I would like to ask it again from a different point of view, but it already has an answer. I asked this question: Estimating quantiles with linear ...
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Are we closing questions too fast?

It seems to me that we have been closing more and more questions, and that we are moving them into the close votes review queue very quickly. This seems to have evolved naturally, but I wonder if we ...
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How much effort is meant to be put in to reviewing a First Post?

This question is rather related to an earlier question by Chris C about "learning from other people's reviews, and somewhat related to my previous post on how best to use the review queue. I tend to ...

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