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FAQ: Best Practices for Searching CV

Over the course of almost nine years, we have amassed a body of good answers to many clearly stated questions: one of our site's principal goals. To be useful, though, these answers have to be ...
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How can we encourage new users to edit their closed posts?

New or inexperienced users are sometimes faced with their question (or answer) being closed without any detailed feedback, or even without any comments on their post. While this is definitely the way ...
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Instructions on how to use LaTeX on CrossValidated

Questions formatted in LaTeX are easier to read, but not everyone who has permission to review a question/answer knows how to do it. Are there any instructions on CV about how to use LaTex?
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Why can I only delete 5 of my questions per day?

I've thought better of more than 5 of my questions. They are better-suited to being answered outside SE. I started to delete them and discovered there was a 5-per-day limit. What is the motivation ...
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Top $k$ List of Reasons to Close a Question Immediately

This is intended to be a "humorous and friendly thread on how to ask a horrible question" (amoeba) which can help new users understand how to write good questions. We hope you will ...
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My upvoting policy

Some time ago I decided to employ a policy for upvoting the questions: When I answer the question, it means that it was worth answering, so I automatically upvote it. There are some minor exceptions ...
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We have a very large & widening gap between questions and answers. How do we fix it?

Cross-validated is a question-and-answer site. I think it's worthwhile to ask "How well does this website serve people who ask (on-topic, answerable) questions?" To answer this question in a ...
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Answering a question other than the one that is asked

There are a few topics on this site (unbalanced data, up-weighting, accuracy, F1 score, precision/recall etc) that whenever a user asks a question regarding one of these methods/metrics, a few high ...
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"Help I have some data and need to analyse it what do I dooo?"

I have been on this stackexchange long enough now to see there is quite a lot of questions along the lines of: Help, I'm a data science intern/amateur statistician and I've been given a load of ...
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How specifically should we "provide hints" to self-study questions?

We get quite a number of self-study questions, and one common comment says that We'll provide hints to help you get unstuck. So... how specifically should we provide these hints? Should we write ...
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Why do time series questions get such a low response rate?

I know the response rate on this site is lower than most SE sites, but even taking that into account, the response rate to time series and forecasting related posts seems abysmal. Is there are reason ...
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Should I add the self-study tag to a question that is copy-pasted from a book?

This question was asked earlier today The text is copy-pasted from an Exercise from Introduction to ...
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2017 Moderator Election Q&A - Questionnaire

In connection with the moderator elections, we are holding a Q&A thread for the candidates. Questions collected from an earlier thread have been compiled into this one, which shall now serve as ...
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Create template comments/answers [duplicate]

Expecially when reviewing First Posts or answers which are flagged as Low Quality because they are too short, I need to rewrite more or less exactly the same comment every time. Hi, welcome, read the ...
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Magic links for tag wikis

In reviewing first posts, I often comment: Welcome to []! Please take a moment to view our [tour]. In this comment, I am able to make use of the "magic ...

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