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Too high standards for upvoting on the site? [duplicate]

I haven’t been on stats.SE very long, but I noticed that, compared to TeX.SE and SO, that I get less votes there on stats on answers and questions. So I started being conscious about the number of ...
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Improvement Drive - Cross Validated

Greetings from Stack Exchange HQ! We have been assigned to evaluate Cross Validated and recommend some methods for making it even better. Please note that this is a more hands-on evaluation, and is ...
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Are new answerers feeling like they "speak into the void"? And can we help?

It is known that CV has a large and growing number of unanswered questions. If that is to improve, increasing the number of people who answer questions and/or help clean up (downvote, edit, comment) ...
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Vote early, vote often

A question with the same exact title was posted on tex stackexchange by Scott Morrison. I think the point made by Scott is very insightful and we should strive to follow the advice given. What do you ...
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How to decrease the number of unanswered questions?

On SO, the percentage of unanswered questions is 27%. On cross validated, 39%. On cross validated, there is a lot of unanswered questions. I suggest it is due to the high technical level required to ...
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Criterion for "Unanswered" question - should it change?

"Unanswered" are considered the questions whose answers have received no upvotes. This creates the following situation: a question gets answered, and answer is accepted by the OP, but the OP has not ...
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Cross Validated - Voting Improvement and Community Development

My name is Katey and I work in community development at Stack Exchange. I've been studying for a few weeks, trying to figure out ways to improve this (already pretty great) site. My coworker ...
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Is it inappropriate to post a comment under an answer, like "Please consider up voting all questions you answer"

Previously I posted a question in this meta stack exchange about lack of up votes of questions, especially questions that have answers. Based on the answers in that post, it seems like multiple people ...
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If a question is good enough for you to answer, should you up vote it?

Following on from the recent question about upvoting (or the lack of it), here is a specific example where I'm not sure what we 'should' be doing with regards to upvoting. I provided a short answer to ...
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What ways do you use to decide a question is 'good'?

I just got a reminder (while upvoting an answer) that I hadn't upvoted a question in a while. As it turned out, I had explicitly chosen to go to that particular question with the intent of upvoting ...
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Points of information for lowly members

I'm looking at this page, which includes an R expression (for the gam function in the mgcv package). The R expression includes two elements (functions?) which do not appear on the help page for that ...
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Shouldn't commenting require less reputation than answering? [closed]

I'm not sure I understand why extra reputation is required to be able to comment on questions and answers. (At my level of reputation--16 in CrossValidated, though higher in some other areas of ...
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