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Why do so many questions on Cross Validated continue to go unanswered? [duplicate]

Have a look here and scroll to the bottom. You'll notice that (as of the day of this post) Cross Validated has the 3rd worst record for percent of questions answered among SE sites. Only 61% of ...
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Unanswered questions as percentage of total – why does CV stand out?

Are there any ideas / proposed explanations about why CV stands out regarding the percentage of questions that have zero answers? (I have excluded questions that have answers, but none of them are ...
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Improvement Drive - Cross Validated

Greetings from Stack Exchange HQ! We have been assigned to evaluate Cross Validated and recommend some methods for making it even better. Please note that this is a more hands-on evaluation, and is ...
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Why is math.SE more responsive than Cross Validated?

I am just wondering why it takes more time to get a response in Cross Validated than in math.SE. Is there any specific reason?
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Is it true that the number of questions is growing while the number of answers can't keep up?

I am having the feeling that since 'recently' in the vague sense of the word there has been an upsurge in questions on CV whereas the number of people who can give qualified answers (to sometimes very ...
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How should we celebrate reaching 100,000 questions?

We currently have over 99,000 questions asked. I think we should celebrate when we reach the 100,000 mark.
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A difficulty with self-study-like questions of the form "Is this correct?"

I've seen a spate of questions of a form more or less along the lines of "Is this working correct?" just lately. While this is good from the point of view that the poster is clearly making a proper ...
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How to decrease the number of unanswered questions?

On SO, the percentage of unanswered questions is 27%. On cross validated, 39%. On cross validated, there is a lot of unanswered questions. I suggest it is due to the high technical level required to ...
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Cross Validated - Voting Improvement and Community Development

My name is Katey and I work in community development at Stack Exchange. I've been studying for a few weeks, trying to figure out ways to improve this (already pretty great) site. My coworker ...
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Why do time series questions get such a low response rate?

I know the response rate on this site is lower than most SE sites, but even taking that into account, the response rate to time series and forecasting related posts seems abysmal. Is there are reason ...
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Voting System to Accept Answer when OP does not respond

Related to Why is our answer rate so low? and Improvement Drive - Cross Validated on meta, there are many one-time users who post a question just because they need an answer for a particular problem ...
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