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Are we seeing a dramatic drop in answers per question?

From time to time I look at CV site-related stats of various kinds in various places. I was alarmed to look at this query on Stack Exchange Data Explorer (SEDE), Which shows a dramatic drop in the ...
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We have a very large & widening gap between questions and answers. How do we fix it?

Cross-validated is a question-and-answer site. I think it's worthwhile to ask "How well does this website serve people who ask (on-topic, answerable) questions?" To answer this question in a ...
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Is a quick-and-dirty answer better than no answer?

I find that many questions go unanswered for lack of a great answer. That applies to both CV and here on CV meta. Whether this is due to brain drain, or a flood new users, or perfectionism, is hard to ...
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Weighted vote mechanism

I have noted that the vote mechanism assign the same score for one vote up/down independently by the user score. In my opinion this is not fairly as high scored users has a deeper understanding of the ...
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If a question is good enough for you to answer, should you up vote it?

Following on from the recent question about upvoting (or the lack of it), here is a specific example where I'm not sure what we 'should' be doing with regards to upvoting. I provided a short answer to ...
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GINI score - what does the distribution of reputation across CV look like?

Background: I was on Stack Overflow and they seem to have a lot more traffic and users there. It seems to make sense to me because knew many more CS majors than stats majors in college. This made me ...
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Does CV slow down during big meetings like the JSM in the US?

The JSM starts in San Diego this weekend. I am going on Saturday. I started here three months ago and have participated for all 87 days. I have sveral things to do at the meetings and may not get on ...
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The most interesting users on CV

One great use of this website I discovered is digging through the highest voted answers authored by users with high reputation. I've discovered some really interesting discusions this way, and I ...
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What is the relationship between some measure of reputation on our site and statistical prowess?

There is first a question within this question, and, that is "Where should I be posing the question?" There are certainly people on this site with marvelous minds. The second question, the primary ...
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Should our FAQ include information about answering questions?

(Preliminary question: Is our FAQ editable at this point? If so:) I have recently started being more active in reviewing. Mostly, of course, you review a new user's first questions, and are often ...
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