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synonym request - gam and general additive model [duplicate]

The tag wiki for gam says "general additive model", and has 44 questions. There is also general-additive-model, which has 6 questions. Please can someone with the required privileges establish the ...
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2017 moderator election Q&A - question collection

Cross Validated, as has been noted, is scheduled for an election next week, August 7th. In connection with that, we will be holding a Q&A with the candidates. This will be an opportunity for ...
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2017 Moderator Election Q&A - Questionnaire

In connection with the moderator elections, we are holding a Q&A thread for the candidates. Questions collected from an earlier thread have been compiled into this one, which shall now serve as ...
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Should we make [deep-learning] tag a synonym for [neural-networks]?

We already have a thread on tag synonyms and merging the *-learning tags, but since deep learning is currently a hot topic, it probably would be better to discuss it separately. Should we make deep-...
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Weights and everything weighted

@amoeba and I had a lengthy (and hence not particularly productive, if the sheer length is any indication of the proximity to consensus) discussion of tag synonyms in the main "Tag synonyms candidates"...
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Tag rename suggestions

Which tags do you think should be renamed? Let's add here tag-rename requests as answers. We can vote up answers to indicate that we agree with that tag-rename request and use the comments to discuss ...
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Do we need a tag for "Facebook"?

I just saw a proposed tag for "Facebook" based on (I believe) one question; further, I voted to close that question. Do we need a tag for "Facebook"? Does having extra tags in the system do any harm?
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Is [tikhonov-regularization] really a synonym for [ridge regression]?

I am new, so may have a biased sample, but it seems a lot of the discussion on "regularized regression" focuses on methods that penalize some norm of the parameter (coefficient) vector. For example in ...
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Tag-candidates for removal

We already have a thread for proposing candidates for tag synonyms, but there doesn't seem to be a similar thread for proposing tags for deletion. Similarly to the "synonym" thread, let's use this one ...
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Let's merge/synonymize `arch` and `garch` tags

I suggest merging arch and garch tags, or making arch a synonym of garch (I am not sure how I should formulate this correctly). I don't see sufficient conceptual difference between ARCH and GARCH ...
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Many threads about combining p-values without the [combining-p-values] tag

There seem to be quite a few questions that refer to Fisher's or Stouffer's method for combining p-values, but without the corresponding combining-p-values tag. Would it help the site to tag those ...
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Why is it sometimes so difficult to initiate a tag change here, and how should we deal with that?

Update: all of the suggestions have been implemented, thanks @Scortchi. A couple of weeks ago a suggestion came up on meta to merge [natural-language] and [nlp] tags: Do we need the [natural-language]...
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Let us merge [mixed], [mixed-effect] and [mixed-model] tags

Recently I have been reading quite a lot on CV about fixed / random / mixed effects models and related terminological controversies. Unfortunately, the CV tags for the mixed models are a mess, which ...
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The [ordinal] tag and ordered logistic regression

Consider the following tags: ordinal (678) ordinal-logit (3) ordinal-probit (1) ordered-logit (62) ordered-probit (13) proportional-odds (2) The ordinal-logit, ordered-logit, and proportional-odds ...
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Are half of "tag-synonyms" questions duplicative of "Current tag synonym candidates"?

Are half of tag-synonyms questions duplicative of Current tag synonym candidates? Some debate on the utility of this thread occurred in its comments. Let this question serve as a home for a revival (...
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