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Dealing with "do my professional work for me" questions?

There has been some discussion on CV Meta of how to deal with homework questions and also job-related questions. Either can be unreasonable in certain cases, but the latter really annoy me, since they ...
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Should we close questions that can be easily answered by Wikipedia or Google?

Suppose, someone asks a question that can be answered very easily by using either a textbook or Wikipedia or Google etc. (See this question for an example). Should we close this type of question? My ...
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What should our FAQ contain?

In line with the link to the 7 Essential Meta Questions of Every Beta above. What should our FAQ contain?
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Should I add the self-study tag to a question that is copy-pasted from a book?

This question was asked earlier today The text is copy-pasted from an Exercise from Introduction to ...
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Should the homework tag be deprecated?

Apparently the use of the homework tag was deprecated on SO. This is actually mentioned in the same meta that our FAQ points to in describing how to ask/answer homework questions. However, elsewhere ...
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Defining clearer house rules on software-related questions

Given the various issues regarding handling of software-related questions (see here for one jumping-off point), can we curate a set of house rules that encapsulates what Question the community would ...
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Should we tag questions that smell like homework?

This is related to, but not a duplicate of, How should we deal with obvious homework questions Homework questions have certain characteristics - vague, sample data, inclusion of instructions meant ...
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Should we start maintaining a community FAQ?

The official FAQ is intentionally minimal and concerned with how the site works. In comments, we often point to questions on this meta site for guidelines, etc. Taking a page from the SO/meta-SO ...
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What to do with homework questions posed as non-homework?

Here is a question which is a homework question. This is problem 3.23 on page 97 of Hastie et al., Elements of Statistical Learning, 2nd. ed. (5th printing). There are several problems in my opinion: ...
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Can we help with multiple choice homework without violating site policy?

I recently answered a multiple choice question on CV and although the OP did not label it homework it obviously was. Should we try to give hints? I had a hard time finding a way to suggest an answer ...
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Should we include interview questions in "the self-study" category?

Currently, our "self-study" closure reason reads: Self-study questions (including textbook exercises, old exam papers, and homework) that seek to understand the concepts are welcome, but ...
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