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What is on topic on Cross Validated?

There have been many threads on CV-meta about whether questions are on-topic, off-topic, are too-localized, etc. For example: Are "find the distribution" questions on topic? Is a ...
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What should our FAQ contain?

In line with the link to the 7 Essential Meta Questions of Every Beta above. What should our FAQ contain?
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Should we allow more computing questions

I've been thinking about whether this site should incorporate more computing questions. I think the current position of this site can be summarised by this question (which I asked!). Why change I ...
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Please do not migrate low quality questions

Greetings from your friendly neighbors who frequent the r tag over at StackOverflow! We are all familiar with the fact that questions involving R will often straddle the two sites, and so a certain ...
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How to ask question related to the use of R?

Given the place of the R software in applied statistics, we expect that questions related to this statistical package will regularly come on this site, as has been done in the past. As a follow-up on ...
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What happened to the idea to start an R-specific StackExchange site?

As adequately addressed in R-specific StackExchange site or greater integration of R community within CV?, there has been a discussion on whether or not to start an R-specific StackExchange site (an ...
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What standard should be applied in deciding whether a question requires sufficient 'statistical expertise' to be posted to CV?

The FAQ currently states: If the language is statistically oriented (such as R, SAS, Stata, SPSS, etc.), then decide based on the nature of your question: if it needs statistical expertise to ...
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Vote on policy for R questions

The thread Policy on R questions: Stackoverflow vs Stats Analysis suggests that we have some difference of opinions as to how to approach this issue. To get to some sort of resolution I propose that ...
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Why was this question migrated to StackOverflow? It does not mention programming at all

I have already flagged this question on StackOverflow, but I am not sure if a flag on that site gets anyone's attention on this site. I can't get the question's original (CrossValidated) link now, ...
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Questions asking for statistical package recommendations: how do we differentiate in vs out of bounds for CV?

Recently, I asked for a recommendation for R packages that were capable of doing latent class analysis with mixed indicator types and were capable of doing latent class regression (i.e. treat the ...
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"How to speed up" questions

Robin Girad commented in regards to this question: the question in addition to the answers make me think this should be stackexchange... there should be a discussion on meta about questions ...
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Is it possible to integrate data from here?

There is some concern that this new site may bifurcate the statistical computing community that has been extremely active over the last several months at Stackoverflow under the R tag. The thought is ...
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How do we handle overlap with mathoverflow

This question is similar to the question "How to answer R questions" How to answer R questions but for math. Hence, if people ask math question, we can Bounce them all to MO Answer all questions, ...
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The 7 Essential Meta Questions

As we are coming half way the private beta we should start discussing and preparing some things for the general public to come in. This question is mainly meant to show how far we are with "The 7 ...
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Don't use possibly-offtopic tag

Currently 3 questions are tagged possibly-offtopic. Why is this done? The close votes will show what we think what is offtopic and the discussion will be done here. The tags are used to give useful ...
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