Time to continue the CVJC series after holidays!

To remind for those who are new to the idea:

  • CVJC is a whole day meeting on chat where we discuss some paper and its theoretical/practical surroundings.
  • As mentioned above the event is whole-day (00:00-23:59UTC), but there is a meet-up session on which most talking take place.
  • The paper must be OpenAccess or a (p)reprint suggested previously on a meta thread like this one and selected in voting.
  • We will try to invite the author(s).

So, please suggest papers (each in one answer)! The deadline for suggestions is traditionally a week ahead, so 23:59UTC 2.11.2011.

EDIT: The JC will certainly take place at 18.11.2011, with meet-up session at 18:00UTC. You can register here to get an e-mail reminder. One of the authors, Gregory Matthews, will join the discussion.

EDIT2: Here is the transcript.


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This article was just posted on the Statistics Surveys website: Data confidentiality: A review of methods for statistical disclosure limitation and methods for assessing privacy.

This topic is becoming increasingly relevant and important.


A guide to modern statistical analysis of immunological data
Propose some questions to discuss:

  • Typical types of distributions in biomedical (immunology, etc.) sciences
  • Substantiation for transforming raw data with a given frequency distribution to those with a normal one

and some specific problems:

  • Percentages in immunogram after angular (arc sin, $Freeman$ — $Tukey's$) transformation retain assymmetry. Only $Box$ — $Cox$ transformation sometimes helps well but power transformations for frequences (= percentages = proportions) is arbitrariness...
  • Difficult asymetric, probably polymodal distributions (for example for cytokines) in some cases and almost bell-shaped ones in the others...

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