Sometimes questions are asked, which can be roughly described as:

A: I have an unsorted heap of data (so it is sometimes more, sometimes less required to create predictors)

B: I have a target/response - variable (to create or already available) or a vague idea where I want to get

Resulting question: How do I get from A to B ?


I hope you get the point. From my experience on the rapidminer-forum, those questions are invitations for discussions and do not have something like a "correct", but maybe a best answer. As far as I see, answers can only be suggestions to try this or that. Don't get me wrong: I really like this type of questions, because they link practical problems with algorithms/formulas.

My questions:

  • Are those questions generally (or in most cases) cw ?
  • How to tag those questions (data-mining seems to be too broad) ?

EDIT: I added two more examples. Additionally, if no one cares to a) either a agree to my proposal or b) deny it and make another one, nothing will be changed. I am just not self-confident enough to accept my proposal and retag all questions of that kind. As far as I understand statsexchange, tags should be discussed instead of created spontaneously.

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  • $\begingroup$ Very good question! But I just want to point that the 2nd thread you linked to was poorly worded, IMO; and about the third one, the OP didn't answer the clarifications that were asked -- so what can we do? $\endgroup$ – chl Feb 3 '11 at 23:08

Here is a proposal:

  1. Because a) it is sometimes hard to tell whether such a question is cw or not and b) to encourage more answers (yay, reputation), such questions generally should not be cw.
  2. Use the already existing tag "modeling" for such questions
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