Once a CV participant has a reputation of 10,000, a threshold is reached which grants them access to moderator tools.

Would someone describe what these tools enable that participant to do? Edit other participants' comments? Delete other participants' comments?

Elaboration would be useful.


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They're as described in the help page:


Only diamond moderators can edit/delete other users' comments.

There's also a site-wide elaboration of the role of moderators here: Who are the diamond moderators, and what is their role?


No, you can't edit or delete other users' comments; only ♦ moderators are capable of that. For some more explanation, see the FAQ about comments.

The Help Center pretty much sums up what you do get; personally, I find the 'edit tags inline' feature the most helpful and the ability to view deleted posts the most interesting. (I don't have 10k here but I do on a few other sites in the network.)

There's also an FAQ page on Meta Stack Exchange: What are the moderation tools available to 10,000+ reputation users?


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