On a bad day, I deleted my account due to a disagreement with moderators. Can I have a post reinstated now that I have recovered my account (being in a much better mood)?

The link to my post was/is

what is this spiral path cdf integrated from pdf sampling method called

The images from it appear on Google search when I search for the post.

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    Welcome back. Could you clarify what you mean by "reinstated"? We can undelete the post but we have no mechanism to associate it with your new account (and the old one does not exist). If we were to undelete it, you could copy and paste it into a new question and we could merge the old with the new, thereby giving you control. Because it looks like you cross-posted your question at math.stackexchange.com/questions/2883793, though, we would be reluctant to resurrect it here. – whuber Oct 1 at 16:49
  • I cannot clarify what I mean by "reinstated". If you could undelete, I would post it there. Please advise. Thank you. – phdmba7of12 Oct 1 at 17:57
  • Please take some time to review our help center. If it's not explicit in the help, note that most people frown on cross-posting the same or essentially similar questions on multiple SE sites. Could you indicate how the deleted question is distinct from the one currently on the math site? That would give us a basis to undelete it. – whuber Oct 1 at 18:06
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    Thank you. I will ensure not to cross post in this forum (since it is my general intention to avoid causing folks to frown) in the future, though, I must opine that in my 30-year R&D career experience, some of the richest material lies in the cusps between establish fields. The article I have posted on the other page references this post as a foundation for the assumptions it makes. I've made additional foundational progress and wish to update it to ask additional questions on my approach. Thank you once again. – phdmba7of12 Oct 1 at 18:12
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    I'm not going to contest that opinion about "richest material." The need to select just one site for posting on SE is a little controversial and it's possible to get away with cross-posting, especially when you explicitly acknowledge it and update all posts to reflect what is learned in other sites. You should be able to access the old post now. – whuber Oct 1 at 18:30
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    Why do you want to continue with this old question. It got closed and needs mayor revisions anyway. Let it become deleted and start over with a better question. – Martijn Weterings Oct 2 at 15:17
  • please delete it ... I've posted it on another site ... it is an excellent question by the way even without mayor[sic] revisions... thanks – phdmba7of12 Oct 2 at 15:51

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